Support Subscriptions

For mission-critical applications using Convergence, get dedicated support from the people that know it best.


  • Source Code Access View all of the source code that makes up Convergence. Submit pull requests to fix issues or add features.
  • Docker Containers Pull the docker containers right from Docker Hub for easy deployment.
  • All-in-one Docker Container Pull the all-in-one omnibus container right from Docker Hub to quickly get started coding.
  • Developer Guide and API Documentation Learn how to use Convergence with our comprehensive documentation.
  • Convergence Community Forum Engage with the broader Convergence community to ask and answer questions in our public forum.
  • Public GitHub Issue Tracker Report issues and request enhancements in GitHub as you're used to.
  • Public Slack Channels Chat with the Convergence team and the broader community in the Convergence Public Slack.


All community benefits, plus:
  • Private Slack Channel Get a private, dedicated Slack channel with direct access to the Convergence team.
  • Two Business Day Responses Get a priority response to issues posted to GitHub within 2 business days.
  • Hot Fix Releases Get hot fixes to your issues in advance of the next release.
  • Prioritized Feature Requests Priority will be given to your feature requests on our road map.
  • Direct Email Support Get dedicated, direct email communication with the Convergence team.
  • Private Issue Tracker We'll keep track of your support tickets in a separate, private system.
$5,000 / year


All standard benefits, plus:
  • Clustered / Scalable Deployment Support Clustering is enabled in all versions of Convergence, but it's self-supported by default. With Enterprise support we will support your scalable deployments.
  • Backup and Disastery Recovery Support Backup and Restore are enabled in all version of Convergence, but is generally self supported. With Enterprise support we will help support your backup and recovery implementations.
  • Custom Integrations Work with the Convergence Labs team to integrate Convergence into your environment, including infrastrcure, user intrface components, etc.
  • Custom Support SLA Customize your support experience to get the level of support you need.
  • Custom Consulting Packages Custom consulting hour packages at a significantly discounted rate.

Why sign up for support?

  • You'll get priority support for any issues that arise.
  • Highest priority for feature requests, examples, and custom integrations.
  • Early access to our tech-preview releases.
  • Get assistance on upgrades, high-availability deployments, etc.

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