Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions. You might find the answer to yours below!

About Convergence

Why did we build Convergence?

Because we think everyone should be able to build highly collaborative apps for their users without having to be experts in distributed concurrency control algorithms or having to build chat, presence, users, security, and other functionality from scratch.

When will Convergence be available?

We have been working on Convergence for almost two years now. We want to ensure that the product is easy to use and rock solid before launching. We are currently executing a private beta and have several participants, several of whom are going live shortly. Within the next few months we anticipate launching a public beta program, followed by a general availability. We will keep you posted.

How can I get approved for the private beta?

We are looking for developers who are serious about building an application. While we would like to support everyone, we have gotten a lot of interest and are not approving people that just want to "play" with the service. If you have an actual application in mind that Convergence could help with, please tell us about it when you request an invite.

Developing with Convergence

What languages are supported?

Presently we are launching with support for JavaScript and TypeScript along with any other interoperable languages. In the near term we also anticipate a Java / Scala client as well.

Is the API stable?

Not quite, but it is getting there. We will be updating our documentation to identify areas of the API that are still under development and may change.

Can I request a feature?

Absolutely! The best option is to create a new post on the Convergence community forum.

Can I install Convergence on my own infrastructure?

Yes, we provide licenses and dedicated support for those with on-premise needs. Please contact us for details.

Convergence Labs

Who is Convergence Labs?

Convergence Labs is the company that makes the Convergence Service. In addition to building Convergence (the product), Convergence Labs are experts in building real time collaborative end user applications. We help customers build highly effective collaborative applications.

Do you always use Convergence when building an app?

We think Convergence is a great choice for many applications, but some times the customer has a particular tech stack in mind. Our core competency at Convergence Labs is industry-leading domain knowledge and expertise in building collaborative applications.