Getting Started

Get started with your first collaborative application in less than five minutes.

Get Convergence

To download and run the Convergence server, you'll need to have Docker installed.

We provide a docker image free of charge for development use. You can pull and run it with:

docker run -p "8000:80" --name convergence convergencelabs/convergence-de

The -p "8000:80" option binds your computer's port 8000 to the container's port 80. You can alternatively choose to use a different port on your host machine, with e.g. -p "3000:80"

Get sample code

To get the code, clone or fork the Getting Started Repository from GitHub:

git clone

Prefer a more hands-on approach? Follow our more in-depth tutorial here.

Then, configure the application to connect to your domain using the user you just created. Copy config.example.js to config.js (and if you changed the port above, update the DOMAIN_URL accordingly).


Simply open index.html in your web browser to run the application. Open it a second time in another web browser and type in the textarea to see your changes propagated in real time!

Bonus: Go to http://localhost:8000/console/domain/convergence/default/models/getting-started (or whatever port you defined before). You should see a login dialog (use the credentials admin/password). In the model editor, notice how the value of the text node changes as you type in the textarea in the app. You can even click the edit button and edit the value directly!

Want more? Check out the examples repository in GitHub demonstrating integrations with numerous open-source UI components and much more!

For product updates and a dedicated support channel, fill out this form and we'll keep you in the loop.