Convergence is more than just the core platform. We've also built an entire community focused on building collaborative applications.

Convergence Road Map

Check out what we have planned for future releases in the Convergence Road Map.

Help Wanted!

We are actively looking for new contributors to the Convergence platform. If you are a programmer, UI/UX designer, or platform engineer, we'd love to get you involved. Contact us on Slack if you are interested!

Technical and Product Questions

Questions about our API? Not sure how Convergence could fit in to your existing architecture? Get help in our community forum.

Convergence Public Slack

Want to chat with the Convergence Developers and other community members? Join the Convergence Public Slack

Open Source and Artifacts

All of our source and artifacts are freely available on line

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Convergence Labs Blog

Check out the Convergence Labs Blog for our latest news / announcements, technical articles, and thoughts on developing collaborative software.

Need Help Building Your App?

Convergence Labs specializes in building real time / collaborative applications. Whether you are considering Convergence or any other real time technology, Convergence Labs can help you design and implement a highly effective collaborative application.